Expertise Across a Wide Range of Fields and Industries

I help  job applicants seeking work in a range of different fields and occupations. I have also assisted job searchers from a variety of education and training backgrounds. I have helped job searchers find work in the following fields: sales and marketing, education and teaching, legal and law enforcement, IT and high-tech, medical and health care, retail and customer service, construction, hospitality and catering, engineering and manufacturing, office administration and clerical.

Get An Edge Over Other Job Applicants

I can help  job applicant who are in the following situations:

  • Being out of the work force for several years. (For example, job hunters who are returning to the work force after spending time being at home raising children. Or job applicants who have taken time out from work to obtain further training or certification.)
  • Having a work history with intermittent breaks away from the workforce.
  • Applying for jobs in professional services (law, accounting, engineering, architecture, information technology).
  • Applying for jobs in sales, retail, administration, marketing, teaching, consulting, finance, operations, computing, sciences.
  • Having a “foreign” resume, where your education & training, work experience, and credentials originate from outside of Canada.

Hire A Resume Expert

With my assistance in crafting your resume, job applicants can submit resumes that are tailored specifically to the type of job they are seeking. The resume I write for you will be formatted and written to showcase your qualifications, and highlight your work experience, education and credentials.

I offer same-day service, at reasonable rates, for all job seekers located in Metro Vancouver.

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