Here are some questions clients ask about my writing services:

Q: Do you always meet with your clients?

A:  Yes, I meet with every client in person. This helps me understand you better, and to ask you questions about your background, education and work history. As much as I would like to do this over the telephone, nothing beats meeting face-to-face.

Q: I already have a resume but it’s a few years old. Can you simply update it for me?

A:  Yes, I provide resume updating services. Older resumes require more time to update, newer resumes less time. Bring me a softcopy of your resume; I can add your latest job responsibilities, training, and certifications to your resume. I’ll make a few edits and give your resume a more polished look.

Q: I understand you charge $50 per hour. I have noticed on Craigslist that there are other services that charge as low as $40 per resume. Why do you charge more?

A:  In the field of resume writing, unfortunately, anyone can post an ad on Craigslist and claim to be a “professional resume writer”. Some stay-at-home moms and dads offer to write a resume for as low as $30!

From my experience, I have seen many clients who have used cheaper services, only to realize that their resume is not acceptable, and that they will need to commit further time, energy and expense to make their resumes “interview-worthy”. From that perspective, it is more cost-effective to go with an experienced resume writer the first time around.

Q: What qualifies you as a professional resume writer?

A:  To qualify as a seasoned resume writer, one must have extensive experience in writing resumes, and an in-depth knowledge of the job market, the  job search and hiring process, and the employment field. As a former executive recruiter, I have reviewed hundreds of resumes and interviewed numerous candidates for various job postings. I have written countless resumes and cover letters, spanning a cross-section of industry sectors, from banking to construction services, nursing to marketing consulting. I have studied career counselling, and I coach job applicants on the job interview process, and salary and job offer negotiations.

I am also a and have written for numerous national and local publications. In order to write a strong resume, one must not only possess an expansive knowledge of the employment field, one must also hold strong writing skills.

A high percentage of my clients have been invited for job interviews, which in turn, have resulted in job offers.

Q:  There are some employment and resume agencies that charge between $250 to $400 for a  resume. Why are your prices lower?

A:  I charge a lower fee because I don’t have the costly overheads that my competitors have to pay. I don’t maintain an expensive downtown office, nor do I pay a staff of administrators and writers.

I meet all my clients in person and I do all of the resume writing myself, so my work is extremely personalized. Unlike other resume consultancy firms, my business does not focus on generating a large volume of clients, and then hiring other writers to create the resumes.  This might be a profitable business model, but it’s not one that I use. I meet with every client in person, and handle all of the work myself.

Q:  Do you offer different resume packages for clients, such as one for corporate executives, one for mid-level managers, one for graduating students?

A:  Instead of different packages, I offer one fixed-fee for all, to keep things simple. My fees are calculated on an hourly basis ($50/hour), and this applies to everyone. In almost all most cases, it takes around two to three hours to write a professional-looking, descriptive resume. Clients with a lengthier work history will take more time, clients with a shorter work history less time.

Q:  Where do you offer your resume writing services?

A:  I offer my resume writing services to clients all across Metro Vancouver, including Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, Coquitlam and Surrey, B.C.