Before Accepting That Job Offer, 5 Things You Should Know

After several weeks of job interviews, and perhaps one or two pre-employment assessment tests, you finally get your job offer. The salary and benefits look acceptable. But before you accept that offer and tender your resignation at your current job, there are a few things you should know about your new employer and the position you’re stepping into. (more…)


How To Say “No” During A Job Interview

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During a job interview, it is important to create an atmosphere of positivity and to avoid saying things that are negative. Due to human nature, we don’t like to hear negative things or to hear the word “No”. The Japanese, who are obsessed with maintaining social harmony, are known to never utter the word “No” in business meetings (even though their actions might speak otherwise). (more…)


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Whenever you think of someone who’s a “consummate networker”, you conjure up an image of a person who has a busy social calendar, someone who’s popular at cocktail functions and knows how to work a room.

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Shall I Follow My Career Passion? A Primer on Finding Your Dream Job

In Steve Jobs’s famous 2005 Stanford University commencement speech , the iconic tech leader tells young graduates to do what they love, that their time is limited, and that they shouldn’t waste time living someone else’s life. Jobs tells them that one should live each day as if it were his last. In final, he advises them to, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” (more…)

The Do’s & Dont’s of Resume Formatting

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Clients often ask me how a resume should be formatted. (Note: this question doesn’t relate to resume types (e.g. chronological, functional, combination resumes), a subject  which I will cover in a future blog.) The question relates to how a resume should be laid out from a visual, style and design standpoint. In other words, what design elements should a resume incorporate? (more…)

Dealing With Gaps In Your Resume

One of the biggest hurdles for workers returning to the job market after a hiatus of several years, is dealing with gaps in their resumes. More and more Americans find themselves leaving the workforce for a variety of reasons – taking care of aging parents, company downsizing, jobs outsourced overseas, career changes. (more…)

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Working As a Tattoo Artist

tattoo jobs Tattoos have never been more popular than they are today. Every other celebrity seems to sport tattoos – from Angelina Jolie to David Beckham to Johnny Depp – and shows like “Miami Ink” and “L.A. Ink” have become popular television programs. Fifteen years ago, there were only 12 tattoo shops in the Vancouver Lower Mainland; today there are more than 30 shops. (more…)

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Using Job Recruiters & Employment Agencies

employment agencies Finding work doesn’t have to be a passive process where you’re constantly checking classified ads or online job boards. You can consult with employment professionals who’ll help you find work which you enjoy, work which will utilize your talents and skills.


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Mining Jobs: A Fast-Growing Sector

Note: This article is intended for secondary and post-secondary school students interested in mining jobs.

Have you mining jobs resume ever gone off to summer camp, wishing you never had to return back to the city? Does the idea of working outdoors – perhaps in remote areas or in the wilderness – excite you? How about traveling to exotic locales, like Brazil, Indonesia, or Russia? If you’ve said “yes” to all of these, you ought to consider a career in mining. (more…)

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